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In order to challenge myself and reach maximum potential I have established a development plan utilizing the S.M.A.R.T goal strategy to achieve the overarching goals listed below.

  • Increasing my skills & capabilities through professional organization development opportunities.

  • Utilization of experience to assist in the development of new & emerging leaders.

  • Gain recognition of nursing excellence at the unit level.

Long Range Goals



  1. Complete a podium presentation at the national level.

  2. Obtain AONE certification in Nurse Manager & Leader and in Executive Nursing Practice

  3. Become adjunct online instructor for nursing leadership course at a university.

  4. Apply for BEACON certification through American Association of Colleges of Nursing and/or PRISM Award through Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses.


  1. Goal can be measured with acceptance and completion of a podium presentation.

  2. Goal can be measured with documentation of certification.

  3. Goal can be measured with coming gainfully employed in an online teaching position

  4. Goal can be measured when application for BEACON and/or PRISM is complete and submitted for review.


  1. With skills learned during graduate school as well as ongoing support from the Director of Research and the Director of Professional Development at Abbott Northwestern Hospital, I have the necessary skill and support to conduct a podium presentation.  As a member of AONE and master's prepared education, I have the necessary credentials.  I also have the support of my immediate leader who challenges me develop professionally. My current employer is also a Magnet designated facility that supports professional development.

  2. When review courses are complete (short term goals) and with extensive in depth study, I will be prepared for examination.  Of note fees for examination are covered with tuition dollars through my employer.

  3. With my graduate level education and years of leadership experience I will have the necessary qualifications to apply for a teaching position.

  4. Two units at my facility have achieve BEACON awards in the past.  As a Magnet designated facility, support for aware application is present and encouraged. My current unit has made considerable improvements in quality of care and outcomes that are necessary in order to apply.


  1. A podium presentation at the national level is a high level of professional achievement. It also is a way to contribute in the development and education of others (overarching goal).

  2. Certification is a validation of knowledge and skill as a leader. 

  3. As a nurse in inpatient care for 15 years and leadership for 5 years, I want to diversify my skillsets outside of the hospital setting.  I thoroughly enjoy teaching and mentoring others and becoming an adjunct instructor provides me the opportunity to assist in the growth and development of emerging leaders (overarching goal).

  4. To be the leader of a unit nationally recognized for nursing excellence is the true culmination of nursing leadership education and experience. To have such a profound impact on staff and patient care would truly be achieving the goal standard in leadership.


  1. Podium presentation a national level by 2022.

  2. AONE Nurse Manager & Leader Certification by 2020 and AONE Executive Nursing Practice Certification by 2022.

  3. Obtain online instructor position by 2020.

  4. Apply for BEACON/PRISM award by 2025.

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