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A performance evaluation is a time where an employee has the opportunity to receive feedback on their job performance.  It is also a time where development opportunities, strengths, and weaknesses can be discussed.  In my organization, performance goals are aligned with the objective strategic goals of the organization. By "clicking" on each of the file folders below, you will find a copy of my last four performance evaluations.

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2017: Patient Care Manager

First full evaluation in the Patient Care Manager role.  Though not all goals were fully met, progress toward meeting initiatives and goals were made.   I learned change is hard, but necessary. It takes a persistent focus on goals and the proper support and feedback to grow as a leader. 

2016: Patient Care Supervisor

A transitional year from the role of a Patient Care Supervisor to the role of a Patient Care Manager.  (Please note, all goals were written and evaluated in the supervisor role.)  I learned relationships are the foundation to performance.  This is also the year I began my master's degree journey.

2015: Patient Care Supervisor

A year of growth and opportunity.  I learned the importance of seizing and opportunity to show potential and the importance of leadership readiness by serving in the interim-manager role for 90 days. This gave me the credibility and confidence to seek a patient care manager role.

2014: Patient Care Supervisor

A transitional year from Administrative Supervisor to Patient Care Supervisor. I learned the value of allowing a leader to be creative and guided-independence when trying to improve unit performance. After 15 years at the bedside, this was my first full year in leadership. 

Professional Evaluations

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