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In order to challenge myself and reach maximum potential I have established a development plan utilizing the S.M.A.R.T goal strategy to achieve the overarching goals listed below.

  • Increasing my skills & capabilities through professional organization development opportunities.

  • Utilization of experience to assist in the development of new & emerging leaders.

  • Gain recognition of nursing excellence at the unit level.

Short Range Goals

A. smart.png


  1. Complete master's degree program

  2. Complete a professional presentation

  3. Complete certification review course for Certified Nurse Manager and Leader.


  1. Will obtain degree from the University of Mary
  2. Complete two or more professional presentations (poster/podium) at the state, educational institution, or national level
  3. Complete AONE review course provided by AONE or Abbott Northwestern Hospital.


  1. In final semester of graduate school at the University of Mary with anticipated completion on December 21, 2018

  2. Have been given the opportunity to present capstone project at a the University of Mary Colloquium and have gained acceptance by AONE for a poster presentation on abstract submitted on employee performance management at the Spring 2019 conference.

  3. Abbott Northwestern Hospital, Minneapolis offers a AONE certification review course once a year and there is a review course available at the AONE spring conference in 2019.  Have gained approval from executive leaders to attend the conference.

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  1. Graduate level degree completion is a validation of professional growth and opens the potential for future positions and growth opportunities. 

  2. By developing and presenting at the educational level and a poster presentation at the national level, I will gain the necessary experience & skills to meet the qualifications for a podium presentation (long term goal). AONE in particular prefers poster presentation experience prior to acceptance for podium presentation.

  3. By completing a review course I will be better prepared to take the certification exam. The certification is a validation of knowledge and skill necessary to be a successful leader.

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  1. Completion of master's degree in December 2018 and attend graduation in April 2019.

  2. Present at the University of Mary Colloquium in April 2019 and poster presentation at AONE in April 2019

  3. Attend certification review course through Abbott Northwestern and/or AONE by December 2019.

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